Introduction to Acrylics - one day workshop in Aurora, Colorado

Hi Colorado residents!  My one day workshop in Aurora, CO, still has space available.  This class is an excellent introduction to the mysteries of acrylic mediums and textures.  No need to stand in the aisle of an art supply store looking dumbfounded at 37 kinds of acrylic mediums - after this class you'll know what they are and how to use them.


I will also show you INEXPENSIVE SUBSTITUTES you can buy for a fraction of the price of the art store products.  After this workshop, you will go home with a texture sampler for future reference and a completed mixed media abstract painting.

Call the Bicentennial Art Center at 303-344-1776 and reserve your spot in class #147799, Introduction to Acrylics.




Location: Expo Recrreation Center, Aurora, CO
10955 E. Exposition Ave
Aurora Colorado 80012
United States

Introduction to Acrylics - one day workshop.  This workshop provides an excellent foundation for the more advanced Metals and Mixed Media workshop.

This workshop is designed for artists with limited experience with fine art acrylic paints, and artists who want to learn about using acrylic mediums in their work.

Learn about 7 acrylic mediums, 8 texture effects, 6 types of supports, and how to make fabulous collage materials.  Each student will create a texture sampler for future reference and an abstract painting using these mediums, effects and materials.

The workshop is from 9-3pm.  Bring a sack lunch.  Cost is $80, or $60 for Aurora residents.


Spiritartartist said...

Breathtaking Carol!

Martha Kisling said...

I have taken a couple of Carol's workshops and they are wonderful! She does a fantastic job sharing information and techniques about acrylics and is a very enthusiastic instructor. You will have a blast!