Well, it's happened again.  The Chinese factory artists are selling this work of mine on ebay as an original.  I painted this quadtych for Dick Blick a couple years ago to advertise their canvas four packs.  Blick company paid me and now owns the original.

An alert artist remembered my painting from the Blick catalog and saw it for sale on ebay.  Check out this link:
If you check out the seller, it even shows Chinese artists in a factory-like setting reproducing other artists work - they paint over a photo reproduction.  It's a rip off for the original artist and for the buyer who thinks he's buying an original.

I'm going to take special precautions in posting multicanvas paintings because the rip off crooks seem to like diptychs, triptychs, etc.  I'm sorry if the image quality is not very good, but I have to take precautions against this sort of fraudulent practice.


I just got this email from the ebay seller:
From User:
paintingartdeco (280)
98.9% Positive Feedback
Member since Dec-31-04 in Canada
Location: QC, Canada

Dear Caroldnelson
I m so sorry about that. My studio and paintshop give me this listing.
I will delete this painting auction right away
Give me 2minutes

Regards and so sorry about that

 Antoine references his studio and paintshop.  So he sells from the painting sweatshops in China that copy other artists. Antoine is not an artist - he's just the middle man who pushes this bogus art. Unfortunately, people are buying these mass produced copies to the detriment of genuine creative artists who produce their own work.



Carol Blackburn said...

Wow Carol, what a shame. Glad you got wind of it and evidently nipped it in the bud (pun not intended, but realized it's there). I don't think I'll every have to worry about anyone stealing my art but can imagine how it feels.

Bren said...

You must be frustrated beyond belief. Would love to be able to shut these guys down, factory and all! Certainly can see putting up small, lower grade pictures of art pieces will be one of the few things an artist can do to protect themselves.

Pam Holnback said...

I can't believe this has happened to you again!

Sheila said...

Boy this really chaps my hide. Have you notified Ebay's fraud unit? I know they are almost to the point of being overzealous in pulling things that have copyright or trademark violations. I NEVER buy anything from sweatshop China based factories.

Kim Blair said...

I am so sorry to hear your art images have been stolen again!

At least this time you probably have the help of Dick Blick getting this particular transgression stopped. I clicked on the link and it said that the sale had 'stopped' on your painting.

Diana Marshall said...

You must be hopping mad about this rip off. The cheap chinese paintings are everywhere you look and unfortunately people are buying them.

Sarah Howe said...

HELP!!!! Dealing with similar copyright infringements. Lesson #1 ALWAYS have copyright licenses, and ALWAY document your work well. The most important part of an artists business is protecting their work from thiefs who care only about their own profit and live without morals.

Sarah Howe said...

We are dealing with similar problems. A man trying to take Jonathan's art to make a dishonest profit. SO agrivating!!!

Sonya Johnson said...

Unbelievable! And shame on eBay for not shutting down any seller peddling fraudulent items. Unfortunately, they probably make a lot of money off of sellers like these, but everyone else gets burned in the process.

I guess the best you can do is keep a close eye out, and keep your posted images small and in low-resolution to discourage this blatant theft as much as possible.

RosalieG said...

As a freelance writer I've had articles stolen. It stinks!!!

I think a lot goes on that we don't even know about and it would cause us great pain to know.

Hope you can shut 'em down.

Susan Roux said...

Thank you for informing us. I've only had one painting stolen before. It was at an exhibition in Saint Petersburg Russia. It was taken right off the wall.

This kind of stealing is terrible. Some people just wish to be creative and when they aren't they steal/copy from others. It's a sad thing... Sorry it has happened to you.

Vickie said...

Carol, I am so sorry to hear this has happened again. It is so very sad and really makes me angry. You give so much to us all and share so freely. Thank you once again for sharing your info with us and keeping us on our toes.

Ishrath said...

Oh my God! This is horrible. Its is also a lesson for all of us to be careful and not put up big images, or even worse do more offline work. Im very sorry to hear about this and angered too. Can I write about it so that others be aware? Is there something more we can do about this, with our artworks?

Jane Hunt said...

I can't believe this - I'm so sorry!!
Please let me know if I can help - put pressure on Ebay, or whatever....

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

So sorry this keeps happening to you! I'm glad there are artists out there who watch and blow the whistle! I agree with others who say it's too bad they don't shut down the person who is even peddling these...a stronger consequence would most certainly discourage others from even trying it!

mary maxam said...

It's good you were able to get this one stopped, I checked the link as well.I'm so sorry this has happened to you (again)and will keep an eye out for related instances.Maybe someone out there has an idea of how an artist can protect themselves!