"TINY DANCER" 11007, daily painter challenge entry © Carol Nelson Fine Art

The Daily Paintworks challenge this week is to paint an object multiple times.  The hard part is that each version cannot take longer than 10 minutes.

I must have my head examined to have chosen to paint my manikin for the challenge.  Believe it or not, I've never tried to paint it before! The left most figure is my first go at it.  I think I actually got a little more confident with it by the 4th time.

My favorite is the second pose where the left leg comes toward you.  If you are interested in purchasing this 11x14 painting for $75, just email me.


Karen Bruson said...

Great job but you did pick a difficult subject.

Anne Marie Propst said...

Love your challenge entry. I just went with apples and am feeling very ashamed I didn't go more creative like you did!

Raymond Logan said...

Dear Carol,

Rockin' job on the challenge!