"RED CLIFF" 11011, daily painter aluminum abstract © Carol Nelson Fine Art


I couldn't photograph this painting accurately because of the aluminum substrate.  I painted it using transparent glazes of acrylic paint, resulting in amazing depth of color.
The photograph does not show how the light dances around on the surface.

This painting is going to be my part of a dual entry in a show called "Duets."  My partner in this project is Colorado photographer Ron Beller.  This is the photograph I worked with.

As you can see, I selected only a small portion of Ron's beautiful photo for my painting.  I thought my painting would turn out more abstracted than it did.  It's actually a pretty fair representation of the rocks.

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Ruth Andre said...

Amazing work. The color is gorgeous.


Bet this is amazing Carol! I have painted onto gold leaf with pastels, so know the depth one can acquire. And the sheen from a viewing distance.
So very nice!

Vickie Warner said...

Fantastic color...my favorite. I love the depth you have reached with all the glazes. Absolutely stunning work. How I would love to see it in person.
How do you attach the foil to the substrate?

Bren said...

it's fascinating to see the progression and development of this amazing piece. You're so right, it's a very good likeness of the portion of the photo you used. The depth of colour you achieved makes me drool :-) And hats off to Ron that's one spectacular photo.

Nancy Standlee said...

Beautiful Carol..hope we get to see something similar in our workshop in Granbury. Is this aluminum foil as the substrate gelled on?

Sheila said...

wow wow wow wow!!!! You are soooooooooooooo amazing! Since I can't afford to make any of your fantastic work shops, I think the next thing you need to do is write a book. I'm sure Northlight would love to publish it.

SKIZO said...

Thank you for sharing
This Wonderful work with us
Good creations

Vertippsel said...

Thanks for sharing the "evolution" of this painting. I love it!