Torch experiments

It's fun to experiment with the effects of heat from my butane torch on art materials.  I can imagine all sorts of abstract applications for these materials.
 Red foil - scorches to black, then silver, then melts
Green foil - scorches to turquoise and blue, then gold, then brown, then melts
 Gold foil - scorches to amber, brown, black
Note the cool bubble pattern.  All the foils bubbled.
 Blue foil scorches to green and gold.
This is a different gold foil - scorches to lighter gold, then silver, then black before melting.

In addition to the foils, I tried torching some other collage materials.

 Thin plexiglass - very cool melting pattern
 Silver foil on left
Piece of copper in the middle- copper changed color to a darker, duller version of the original piece
Strip of silver metal flashing (aluminum?) - This silver metal turned gorgeous shades of gold, amber, and brown tones and remained shiny.  Where I held it to the flame longer, it turned dull charcoal gray.
 Top - a leaf shape cut out of gold aluminum.  The right side of the leaf is torched.
Bottom - purple metal turned gold to silver to melting.
 Burlap - no surprise here.  I liked the blackened look.
140 lb painted wc paper - Being paper, I was able to burn a hole in it.  Nice singed effects around the hole.  If you want to collage on some paper with a really unusual edge, this would work well I think.

This is all I've torched so far.  I did them outside with a bowl of water on hand for dousing the flames.  I'm sure you will be seeing materials prepared this way in my future abstract work.


Kathy Cousart said...

I like your artwork and enjoyed reading about your torch experiments! I want to learn how to do that now:) Very creative.

Pam Holnback said...

These are so cool! I look forward to seeing them in your work!

Bren said...

Oh great results with unique textures and colouring, can just imagine how you are going to be able to use these materials in upcoming works. Thanks so much for sharing your experiments

Nancy Standlee said...

I like what you've done but stay away from your Christmas tree.

Natasha's Art said...

I love your art and I love even more that you experiment with new materials and techniques! How fun. Thanks for sharing

Karen Bruson said...

Fabulous effects.

Barbara Andolsek Paintings said...

Aren't toys wonderful. Some very interesting effects there Carol. Thanks for sharing. I'm enjoying it all!

Katryna Rael said...

Hi Carol,,, LOVE the RED foil in particular.... Can you tell me where it can be purchased please. I've had no luck in the art shops.
Many thanks,, I LOVE your Mixed Media tutorial, BTW. Fascinating techniques, I've learned so much.