"IGNITION POINT" 10168, daily painter textured metal abstract © Carol Nelson Fine Art

 I love this painting.  Remember my torch experiments from last week?   Well, here's what I created with three of the metal foil sheets I burned with my butane torch.  I just LOVE trying new things and this turned out really cool.

This is how it started
 After burning the foil pieces, I glued them to this 30x15 canvas.  It's hard to see in a photo, but I made the corners lift up using clear acrylic gel.

Closeup showing burned metal foil.
Side view

There's a site called photofunia.com where you can upload photos and do fun things with them.  I took this painting and manipulated the image so it looks like three paintings in a store window.  Fun, fun.

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Bren said...

What a fantastic piece. Just love what burning does to those foils. The design and colour combo on this is perfection. And darn but those super sized canvases look great in that big window!

mubashar said...

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Kim Blair said...

Glad to see you too had fun using photofunia. I like the way you manipulated the photos to all be different in the store window.