"ANASAZI," 10164, mixed media abstract © Carol Nelson Fine Art

"ANASAZI" 10164
This 36x24 abstract almost went in the trash.  I kept working on it and it just seemed to get worse - see the progress photos below.  Finally, in an act of desperation, I painted over most of it with a red glaze.  That seemed to do the trick, because I like the final look.
There is aluminum and gold metal foils, and metallic acrylic paints which impart a warm glow to the painting.  Those little bits of turquoise and green complimentary colors add pizazz I think.

Day one - I added the foils and rice paper
which has a lot of straw-like fragments in it.

Day Two - adding some underpainting.

Day 3 - adding some darks.  Searching for a pleasing color scheme.

Day 4 - This was starting to look complete, but I didn't like it.  It actually looks better in this photo than it was.
This is the point I seem to get to in all my abstract work where the painting looks terrible to me and I just have to keep working on it.
I don't usually have to do something as drastic as I did on this one with the red glaze.

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Bren said...

This gives me hope! I'm so glad you shared your struggle and the amazing finish you came up with. I've got a canvas that is giving me a hard time in finding that right colour combination as well. I'm encouraged, thank you!

Regina Calton Burchett said...

I like all the versions of this. Your abstracts are among my very favorites - they colors and movement are just wonderful, and they have so much depth. Simply beautiful!

Jo Bryan, Artist said...

I love it. I actually liked the last two days before, too, but love the final result. You tend to like warm colors, too, like me, I think. And often when we "go cool" it is hard to make it feel right. Great job.

Kim Blair said...

The red glaze really created the 'Wow Factor' for me!
Gorgeous work Carol.

Fernando Santos (Chana) said...

Belo trabalho...Espectacular....

Anonymous said...

Hi Carol, This piece is stunning! I enjoyed looking at how you developed it. The red does make it extra special!

DEB said...

How interesting! I've never done any work in collage. I'm fascinated by them though.

Diana Marshall said...

Thanks so much for showing us your WIP photos very helpful to me, the final painting is beautiful, love the red so warm and was a brilliant idea. You are my favourite abstract artist and you have so many brilliant ideas!