"RED PASSAGE," textured abstract geologic landscape © Carol Nelson Fine Art

This highly textured geologic abstract is sold, but I have many others.   Please click here to see my website.

You may remember this work from a previous post.  I had a very busy weekend and, frankly, I'm too pooped to do something new.  I took work in Friday for a show over the weekend in Denver.  Saturday I spent the whole day teaching a workshop in Parker - FUN!  Sunday I picked up my work from the Denver show, less the 4 pieces that sold. (Yea!) Sunday night I had to type up the worksheet for my Monday morning class.  Tomorrow they are learning about using epoxy resin on their collages.

It seems that since I retired from a regular job, I'm busier than ever.  I've heard that from people before, but always thought they were exaggerating.

Well, it's true, for me at least.  When you're retired, it's hard to say no because you have the time, right?  I'm not even getting time to do the things I always thought I would do when I had the time.

Don't get me wrong.  Being asked to give workshops, teach classes, jury shows, paint commission work, give advice, prepare for exhibits, keep up with the galleries is all extremely gratifying.  It validates me as an artist.  Sometimes, however, I just want to hole up in my studio for a while and paint just for me. 

OK, enough of my pity party.  Time to get back to business.


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Kim Blair said...

Glad to hear you are so involved in your artist community Carol. Maybe you can save one day here and there for yourself in the New Year...

AutumnLeaves said...

Beautiful work, Carol! I especially like those pears below. I'm sorry to have been absent for a bit and will continue to be, at least until early January. Still, glad I got to visit for a short bit today.