Recent sales


The above pieces were sold last weekend at the Park Hill Fall Show in Denver.  I was really excited about the top two selling because they were painted using a technique I've been teaching my acrylics class about.

The bottom two pieces were painted in oil.  The fall landscape was the view from our condo last month in Breckenridge, CO.  The miniature pinscher was one of the dogs walking by at an art show this summer.


This recent sale of an epoxy piece was a wedding present for a couple whose wedding theme was aspen leaves.  How cool is that?  The buyer found my blog by googling "aspen leaves," so Google knows I'm out there.


This recent sale was purchased by two different people.  I was in Minnesota when the first sale occurred and didn't have access to my computer to mark it sold.  I am painting a second version to go to the other buyer who also purchased the one below:

These last two poppy pieces were created using a texture technique I taught in a workshop last Saturday.  Adding texture to floral compositions makes them unique from the gazillion flower paintings out there.  (I just noticed that Spell Checker did not flag the word "gazillion")  I'm going to show my acrylics class how to do that next week.

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Ann Gorbett said...

All great pieces! Congrats on the recent sales.

Bren said...

Beautiful work, congratulations on all those sales. What a great problem to have, more than one person wanting the same piece, I don't blame them :-) Love the richness of your colour palettes, so vibrant and alive.

bricarwaller said...

Congratulations! Very lucky people to acquire a Carol Nelson original. And how perfect of a wedding gift, than aspen leaves for an aspen themed wedding. You do such beautiful work:)


Congratulations with all your sales Carol! All your hard work is paying off - but should, for your art is great.

Anonymous said...

Oooo. I like those acrylics! Cool technique.

Marian Fortunati said...

WOW... you are really HOT!!!

Congratulations... Beautiful work!

Jannah Delfin said...

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