"FLOWER TRIBUNE" 10161, daily painter textured floral collage © Carol Nelson Fine Art


This painting is readable.  There are several Flower Tribune stories that were written just for this painting if you look closely:

                      Poppy Wins Election
                   In the closest election in a decade,
                   Ima Poppy won a narrow victory over
                   her opponent, Harry Hydrangea.  She
                   sighted the importance of being red
                   instead of blue as giving her the win.

               BrownEyed-Susan Wins in CA
                In other election news, Jerry Brown-Eyed
                Susan won the governorship of California.
                Brown-Eyed Susan credited his earthy
                campaign and noted his strong showing in
                Los Angeles and San Francisco where he had
                the great support of a large Fruit and Nut

            Texas Election Results Still
                 Being Counted
         Election officials in Texas are still counting
              in what appears to be a monumental task since all
              the candidates were named BlueBonnet.  With a 
              very slight lead in the voting, Very BlueBonnet
              has already claimed victory.  This is being hotly
              disputed by candidates Slightly, Pale, Deep,
              Double, Pinkish, and Royal.  Navy has dropped out 
              the running sighting voter fraud.
            Poppies Win State Championship
               The Poppy team rolled over the other flower
               teams to clinch their second consecutive state
               championship.  Coach Red attributed his team's
               success to hard work and Miracle Grow.

         Chrysanthemums Are First in Division
                The Chrysanthemums hardly had to work at all
                to secure a victory over their fierce rivals,
                the Impatiens.  At their recent meeting, there
                was much speculation at Mum Stadium about the
                weather and the effect it would have on the
                visiting Impatiens team.
                At game time, the temperature hovered at the
                32 degree mark and the Impatiens team started
                dropping like rocks.  Mum coach, Chris Mum said,
                "All we had to do was show up.  The Impatiens
                became droopy and could not perform."

I have to admit, I had fun writing the flower stories.  I'm sure any REAL journalists reading these "stories" will moan at my journalistic writing skills.

Using newsprint as a collage material is interesting in that the text kind of blurs together and looks like a neutral patterned background.  I ended up adding an amber colored glaze over the background to promote color harmony.

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Kristen said...

Great idea! You could go in so many directions with this.

bricarwaller said...

This is awesome! I love the collage incorporated into the art. It works so well with your style. Beautiful!

Nancy Standlee said...

Carol, now you've moved the bar up a notch or two...writing your own stories for the background newsprint?? Great idea and clever you.

Lumi 9 said...

Very attractive collages.