"AUTUMN SONG," 10163



This piece is a true mixed media painting.  It has suede leather, aluminum foil, patterned felt, wc paper, and burlap on a textured panel.  I worked on this painting on and off all last week.  There were several points where I applied some part and then had to wait overnight for the gel medium to dry.

Originally, I was playing around using real aspen twigs in the piece.  I collected several twigs from the yard and tried to incorporate them into the design.  Aspen branches do not grow flat! I could have overcome that problem, but my biggest concern was what would happen to them over time - would they deteriorate?  I coated some with gel medium and they looked great, but I still was worried about the longevity. If anyone out there has any experience with using real tree branches in artwork, I would like to know about it.

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liz wiltzen said...

These are so creative Carol, I love your diversity!

Bren said...

Love this piece, it's so interesting with it's various elements and colour choices. I'm hoping you get some great info on using branches and the like, knowing how well they hold up over time is vital I'd love to know the answer to that as well.

Kristen said...

I always like your leafy multimedia pieces.

Nancy Standlee said...

Hope you don't sell that top one and you can bring it to TX to show us in person... it is lovely, lovely..

Diana Marshall said...

Really like the long format and all the different textures and colors.