"FIVE POPPIES," revised 10118, daily painter textured floral © Carol Nelson Fine Art

Five Poppies, revised

Five Poppies, original
Sometimes I have to live with a painting for a while before I know how to proceed with it.  This time I got a hint from a collector who came to my studio to commission a floral painting similar to this one.  He wanted poppies like these, but in a large square format.  He also said he wanted less "stemminess" - we laughed about this made up word.

Looking at this painting, I realized that the bottom third of the painting was mostly stems and the painting seemed top heavy. I needed to do something to add more "weight" to the bottom.

I think the leaf forms torn from patterned paper adds the appropriate amount of interest and weight to this painting.  Thanks to Jim for pointing out the excessive "steminosity" in the original version.  Now the revised version is correctly "stemified."

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Mary Sheehan Winn said...

words can't express how much I love your work. This is fabulous on every level.

claire christinel said...

Just love these poppies, and I do prefer the revised version. I think it's the increased darks that really gel the composition. I'd love to see it real life to appreciate the texture.

Susan Roden said...

Love where you went with this Carol! So contemporary too.
Thanks for sharing the progression for found it interesting on your thought process + changes.

Regina Calton Burchett said...

Beautiful - the textures, color and composition are wonderful.