"BLOSSOMS 1, 10155" textured impressionist floral © Carol Nelson Fine Art

"BLOSSOMS 1, 10155"

If you saw the two previous posts, Mini Abstract 1&2, you would know how I painted this floral.  It was the same technique of randomly applying texture and paint to a sheet of heavy watercolor paper - letting the painting paint itself in a way.

The trick is finding the painting on the sheet where you have mixed all these colors.  When I found these flowers, all that was defined, more or less, was the pots.  The left pot had some texture marks I had made using a comb.  It looked like it could be a clay pot.

Using a 1 inch brush, I quickly laid in the suggestion of blossoms. It's important that they be painted loosely.

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Charlene Brown said...

This little painting is fabulous -- thank you for sharing some of the techniques these paintings use when you let them paint themselves!

Heidi Malott said...

This is lovely Carol. What a creative process.

Nancy Standlee said...

Beautiful painting.

LindaHunt said...

These are beautiful...the one above also...you are very creative!