Bird Series, Chickadee - daily painting © Carol Nelson Fine Art

This little fluff of feathers is a chickadee. They live around my house all year long, even in the coldest winter months. Everything they do is fast. They dart in to the feeder to take one seed, then fly away with it to eat it. Their favorite food from my feeder is sunflower seeds.
I'm sure the name comes from their call which kind of sounds like they're saying "chick - a - dee - dee - dee".

Painted on a cradled 4x4 Baroque Artist panel, click here to purchase.


I've been working on the curriculum for a 10 week class I will be teaching in the fall for a Denver art group - the Park Hill Art Club. They want me to teach a class in acrylics. Once I started jotting down different topics to cover, I easily filled the page.
Acrylic paints lend themselves so well to abstract compositions. With all the different mediums, collage materials, textures, and techniques, we could go on for a long time.


AutumnLeaves said...

Gorgeous and rich colors in this little beauty. I think my favorite part of the whole painting is that little berry in the mouth. Fabulous work, Carol!

LindaHunt said...

This little guy is really singing his heart out! Love the colors in this painting and the pink is a special treat!glygrol