Portrait of me by Ines

I received this email from Ines in Portugal. It was so sweet of her to do my portrait in colored pencil. Click on her blog to see her painting of me.

Dear Carol
I intended to surprise you yesterday but unfortunately I had a problem with the Web.
Anyway this portrait is an homage to your tusk so well achieved!
It is coloured pencil on "Cold Pressed",acid free,400g (25x35cm) paper.
Once again Congratulations!!!

P.S:This portait is yours! If you mail me your address ,I will be very happy to send it to you .
I Live in Europe ,Portugal.
The portrait looks better at live for the colours make a little difference.
I have a blog,if you wish to visit: jardimdaignez.blogspot.com
In case you have any difficulty with the blog you might try through Facebook (Inês Monteiro)
or through Camille Bastedo who is my friend and is on Facebook
Hopping that you like it,
Your friend,

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AutumnLeaves said...

Ines did a beautiful job of capturing you, Carol. She captured something of your spirit as well, I think. What an amazing testament to you. Thank you, Ines!!!