New World, 10102, mixed media, geologic, abstract, © Carol Nelson Fine Art

New World, 10102, is a mixed media, textured abstract. It has metal leaf areas which (unfortunately) are totally lost in the photo. Like most of my abstract work, it is an abstracted geologic landscape. For purchase information, please see my website.

You can see what a chameleon I am. While I loved doing all the portraits, I am also incredibly drawn to abstract work. It is SO CREATIVE. There is no picture to follow. The colors and composition all come out of my head - I love that.


31 were of men or boys
69 were of women or girls
32 were wearing glasses or sunglasses
16 were wearing hats, scarfs, and 1 turban
23 were not looking directly at the camera
1 was eating ice cream
3 had orthodontic braces
1 had a lizard on his shoulder
1 had a cigar
2 were in profile
2 had earphones
3 were more than 90 years old
100 had purple in the painting - just kidding

Please send in your vote for the last group of 91-99. Remember, please don't vote for me. On Thursday I will post all ten of the group winners and we can vote one last time for the Grand Poobah. Send your vote to

Thank every one of you for your wonderful comments. I am overwhelmed with all the congratulatory messages on my blog, Daily Painters, Facebook and my website. I truly appreciate your humor and kind words.


AutumnLeaves said...

This is so beautiful, Carol. I've never been much of an abstract art fan, but your pieces are always stunning. This is no exception.

Nora Kasten said...

I really like this . . . .I like all your paintings.
What size is it?