100 OIL PORTRAITS IN 100 DAYS - Dorothy, 98/100, Carol Nelson Fine Art

Day 98

This is my neighbor, Dorothy. She wanted to submit a photo, but didn't have a good one, so one afternoon she came over for a photo shoot. I had her sitting in my backyard in the sun, but the light on all the photos was too harsh. This pic was taken just outside my front door where it was completely in the shade. The light on her left side was reflected light from the sunshine on the side of my house.
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I am very near the end of this project. On Monday, I will post #99. I will then ask that you vote for the best of 91-99. #100 will be posted on Tuesday. I'm doing a self portrait for #100, but I don't want to be included in the voting - you might feel OBLIGATED to vote for me out of sympathy. LOL

After the voting is complete for the last group, I will post all ten winners to see if we can pick the best of the best. This will be difficult, but fun.

Next week I will also post a recap of the whole project - what I've learned, statistics, everything you might want (or might not want) to know. I've received emails from several artists who have been inspired by this project and are planning some sort of painting marathon of their own. I say GO FOR IT. Your skills in painting will definitely improve.

In a couple weeks I should have more information on a book I plan to publish with all 100 portraits. I will also have more information on prints you can order through my site on Fine Art America.


AutumnLeaves said...

Dorothy is beautiful! She reminds me of a lady named "Dot" that I knew when I was little (so that would indubitably make her a Dorothy too?) who had red hair and was the sister of my mom's best friend.

Amber L. Bailey said...

I would love to see a book, and nice post, as usual :)

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

I love the pinks in the face...and that hair!! Awesome!!

Nancy Merkle said...

Wonderful light! Can't believe you're almost done with your 100 portraits. It went fast!