100 OIL PORTRAITS IN 100 DAYS - Laurie, 36/100, © Carol Nelson Fine Art

Day 36

Laurie looks like a fun person. I think she must have just returned from a spa treatment because her skin is so luminous and glowing. Lovely. For purchase information, please see my website, or email me at carolnelsonfineart@comcast.net.

NEW POLICY: Yesterday someone went on my website and clicked the Paypal Buy Now button on a portrait and made the purchase. When I was notified by Paypal that a purchase occurred, I realized that the buyer was not the person who submitted the photo for the portrait.
The person who submitted the photo had already indicated to me that she wanted to purchase the painting, but had not actually completed the transaction.

To prevent this problem from recurring, I ask that any of you who wish to purchase a portrait for which you did not submit the photo to please EMAIL me before you make the purchase. I check my email several times a day.

I always send an email at least 24 hours in advance before I post a new portrait. That gives the person a heads up that they should check the blog and let me know that they intend to purchase their portrait.

Thanks for your attention to this matter. : - )


AutumnLeaves said...

Another beautiful painting, Carol. I really do not know how you do it so well and so consistently!

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

WOW Carol, what a compliment that someone would want to purchase a portrait that wasn't theirs! Kudos to you...AHHH live and learn! Love the purple background on this...makes her skin glow even more!

Filomena de Andrade Booth said...

I just awarded you the Sunshine Bloggers Award!
Please come to my site to receive it.