100 PORTRAITS IN 100 DAYS - Emmett, 20/100

Day 20

I'm sorry I didn't get this posted at midnight. I had some issues with my new computer. I think the problems are resolved, but I haven't had time to really delve into the nuts and bolts of this new operating system.

Emmett is the husband of Jennie (11/20) and I think they are such a handsome, vibrant couple.
This is one of the first paintings I did on a black background. Your approach to a painting on a black background is a little different. I start out putting in the lightest lights, and then work my way to darker colors. Some areas that would be a black line, like the bottom of his glasses are just left for the background to show.

Emmett is the last of the next group of ten. Be sure to review portraits 11 - 20, pick your favorite, and send me your vote at carolnelsonfineart@comcast.net.

Thank you for ALL the birthday wishes. On Sunday, my daughters took me out for lunch and to see GIRLS ONLY, where we had a thousand laughs. What a cute show that is! Last night my husband came home with flowers and took me out for sushi dinner. I'm feeling pretty special, which is what birthdays are supposed to be.

I noticed two robins on my dog walk this morning. We don't usually get robins back until Feb, so they are unusually early this year. Could spring be coming early?


Regula Scheifele said...

Twenty already? - I really like this one, not as colourful as the others, but still vibrant and alive! Gone voting now....

David Larson Evans said...

Still going strong, great painting we are cheering for you.

Sheila said...

This is a more conservative and realistic palette you used for Emmett. I like how you can paint like the Masters but explore a more electric palette also.