Precious contacted by modeling agency!

About a month ago I posted a photo of my dog, Precious, modeling her new coat (see top photo.) Precious got an email from a German modeling agency!!! She was very flattered and excited (especially when I told her the news with a treat in my hand), but the thought of international travel made her a bit nervous. She is, at 12 (84) years old, an octogenarian after all, and feels it's a little late for a new career in modeling.


Sheila said... special is that! She could have given Heidi Klum a run for her money.

Carol Nelson said...

LOL. I think the modeling agency's software picked up the word model and sent out the email to anyone with that word in a post - even a dog.

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Oh, how sweet! She is Precious!
Love Sheila's comment on Heidi Klum!

Dean Grey said...


You should start a show called "America's next top dog model"!

Think of the possibilities!