GOULDIAN FINCHES, 9113, commission portrait of pet birds

A client asked me to paint his Gouldian finches. They have such colorful plumage - that's the male with the red head. There also is a variety that has the same coloring except the breast is purple where these two are white. The upper left is a nest box with three babies in it. The babies open mouths have the striking black and white pattern apparently for the parents to know where to put the food.
These energetic little finches breed easily in captivity under the right conditions. Breeders can become very involved in the genetics and planning the colors of the offspring.
This painting is sold.


Delilah said...

I love the bright colors in this painting. I think I will tweet about you because they are so sweet.

Sheila said...

Love the composition and your decision to have the black background allow for the colors to really pop!

Krista Hasson said...

Very nice, your birds are fantastic! I really like the composition.