UP CLOSE, 9104, textured poppy close up painting © Carol Nelson Fine Art

This extreme closeup of a poppy is in the tradition of huge floral paintings for which Georgia O'Keefe was famous. I painted this on a cradled panel with the painting extending around to the edges. In spite of it's small size, (12 x 6 inches) it packs a lot of bang for the buck. If you have a spot that needs a little color, this will do the job.
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Dean H. said...

Hi, Carol...I just "re found" your blog...so happy that I did! Spent awhile looking at your great work. Especially love the highly textured pieces.
If I may ask, what kind of acrylic gel medium do you use?

Carol Nelson said...

Hi Dean,
I use Liquitex Flexible Modeling Paste on canvas, and Liquitex Modeling Paste on panels or boards (nonflexible surfaces).
BUT, I've found a product at Home Depot which is much less expensive than what you get in an art supply store. It is Elastomeric's Custom Patch. A 32 oz container is only about $8 versus $23 for the Liquitex. I've only started using this stuff, but it seems to behave in the same way as the more expensive art compound.

Diana Marshall said...

I looove this one and it's sold already! Great idea the extreme close up 'way cool' as my daughter would say! The format too is great, you have such wonderful ideas I get inspired everytime I look at your blog.

artbynv said...

Dear Carol,
your work is amazing! I love your texture and poppies and abstracts! I found your blog trying to get more info on mediums used for texture with acrylics :)
So glad i did - i enjoy every new posting. Do you show in NM?

Lauren Maurer said...

i LOVE this one. love love love!

Dean Grey said...

I absolutely LOVE the extremely detailed center, Carol!

The colors are vivid and eye-popping!