NEST 2, 9100, textured birds nest with eggs © Carol Nelson Fine Art

This is my last nest posting for a while. This is similar to nest 1 except this is a 6x6 square, while the previous one was a 5x7. This presentation is also with a mat and under glass. The effect is similar to Nest 3 and with the glass on top, they almost look like actual nest and egg specimens.
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Carolina said...

I can't believe how creative you are, your work always surprises me in a pleasant way. I love your art.
Best regards,

Sheila said...

Gorgeous. I'm going to have to look at some more frames and mats. If anything you've taught me how important they can be. I love this one too Carol.

Carol Nelson said...

Thank you Carolina and Sheila. My creativity ebbs and flows. Right now I'm in a very creative period. Sometimes, however, days or even weeks pass with no spark.

Oil and acrylic painters usually don't show work with mats and we sometimes forget how that blank area surrounding a painting can be such a terrific visual tool.

Sharon said...

I really like this one Carol. It really feels real, but better!

Suzanne McLean said...

Really love this bird nest paintings, Carol, and the one below. Absolutely love the way you have them framed. Very classy and appealing.