APPLE TRIO, 9105, textured palette knife still life © Carol Nelson Fine Art

Notice that little copyright sign in the title of this post? All you have to type is the following three symbols or words with no spaces: & copy ;
I think that is very cool, although it won't stop the Chinese from copying your work.

This painting was difficult to photograph because of the red. There is a lot of alizarin red (Golden's Alizarin Crimson Hue fluid acrylic) in these apples and, for some reason, instead of getting that gorgeous deep, rich red, it wants to show as brown. I had to tweek the colors to get a fair representation of the painting, but I lost a little of the purple tones in the background in the process.

I used four other red family colors in these apples - Golden's Primal Magenta and Pyrrole Orange, and Liquitex's Napthol Red Light and Quinacridone Crimson.
Those colors are SO LUSCIOUS. I was outside varnishing the painting yesterday and when the sun shines on this piece, it literally knocks your socks off. Actually, I wasn't wearing socks at the time, but I know they would have flown off if I had been.
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Saundra Lane Galloway said...

Carol, I absolutely love your latest work with all the texture! And, I'm intrigued by the copyright thing...not sure I get it totally, but I might see what it looks like if I usual, you blow me away...and inspire me! thanks my friend!!

Carolina said...

There they are... gorgeous!

JudyLynn said...

The bright colors are fantastic!! Very inspiring for my own work.

Vern Schwarz said...

Just beautiful Carol. I love the composition and those rich reds. You must of used a gallon of paint on this.

Dana Marie said...

I absolutely love these, Carol!

Barb said...

I love the texture and the colors blendes. They are very beautiful!