GLITTER GULCH 2, 9093, textured abstract with metals and metal leaf

More squares. I don't know why I find squares recurring over and over again in my compositions. Maybe their conformity is comforting on some level. I used a rug hooking grid to create the little cubes with acrylic medium. Two colors of aluminum and one of copper were used in the metallic shapes. Of course, I always prefer earth tones for most of my work, so there is a dominance of copper, bronze, and gold tone metallic paints.
For purchase information on this 11x6 cradled abstract, please see my website.


SarahBowie said...

When I doodle, it's almost always squares. Probably has a deep meaning!

Kristeena Crabb said...

This is such a beautiful piece. I particularly like the little bits of blue and the way they contrast with the metals.

Funny, I was working in squares today in order to force myself away from my usual circles!