AUTUMN BEAUTY 8, 9089, sunken relief of autumn leaves

This is another of my sunken relief leaf paintings. I blew it on photographing it. I varnished it before I photographed it and the shine is very distracting. I had to manually go in and digitally paint out some of the shine with my photo editing software. Because I had to turn down the brightness, the squares do not show their silver leaf shine very well. Problems, problems. What I need is a polarizing lens to eliminate the shine.
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Sally Ann Baker said...

This leaf series you are doing has been fun to watch. It is colourful and ingenious. A lot of thought put into a small format. Very pretty.

Dean Grey said...


Of all your Autumn Leaves paintings, this is my most favorite and your most strongest IMHO!

I LOVE the color combinations here! Red, gray, and black....I must do a painting with these colors now!!

The composition is excellent. I'm loving the grid pattern. It adds extra interest and texture to the background.

The whole painting looks like a blend of Japanese art, stained glass, pen and ink, and paper-maché!

So, so neat!