TERRA FIRMA, 9072, mixed media abstract

This painting has a geologic feel to it, as many of my abstracts do. I achieved the interesting textural passages by using some prepared Tyvek paper (see earlier posts about the use of Tyvek).

Earth tones are a natural palette for me and I never tire of raw sienna, raw umber and copper accents. There is a little anthraquinone blue in this piece too. I like using Golden fluid acrylics and Modern Masters metallic paints.

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krwebb said...

I searched your blog and there were no other posts mentioning tyvek. I am curious as to what you had to say about it.
Lovely image!

Kevin said...

"Holy crap Carol, I am usually not a fan of abstract painting, but this one grabs me by the throat and demands attention!! It's gorgeous!!!! What was your thought process for this painting and what the heck did you use to make it- looks like there is part of a wafer cookie in there. I don't know why, but I just love it- it is really different from your other work, which I love as well. By the way congrats on the sale of your home!"

Carol Nelson said...

Karla - Tyvek is a paper-like plastic sheeting used as a vapor barrier in the building industry. If you paint on it, then iron it with a hot iron, it bubbles and melts and forms these very interesting shapes than can be cut and used in paintings for texture.
It is the same material used in large white mailing envelopes at FedEx and the USPS.

Kevin - no it's not a wafer cookie - LOL. It's a fancy art paper that has that grid-like pattern in it.
Thank you both for your kind comments.

Gwen Bell said...

Carol, you are such a master at these Mixed Media pieces! Love both of them. Amazed they are so small because they make such a big impact and would work at any size.

BTW...Congrats on selling your house. I'm sure it was the art!