I don't usually show the frames around paintings, but this particular frame looked so good around this giclee print of my original painting, Poppy, that I had to post it.
This professionally done giclee print is a limited edition of 50. The print measures 11 x 14 and the outside dimensions of the rich, black wood frame measures 18 x 21.5 inches (45.7 x 54.6 cm). Printed on canvas, the giclee is is identical to the original oil painting and comes with a certificate of authenticity with my signature and the edition number.
Giclee with frame is $275, including shipping in the continental US. Please contact me at carolnelsonfineart@comcast.net and get an early start on your Christmas shopping.


Barb said...

The poppy is very beautiful.

Lauren Maurer said...

Nice job! I LOVE your frame choice! It looks stunning!

Suzanne McLean said...

Very beautiful, Carol.

Dean Grey said...

The poppy painting is wonderfully done, Carol!

Excellent cropped image with a lot of vibrant colors.


Personally I'm not digging the frame quite as much.

The frame itself is fine but I think the all-black color detracts from the beautiful floral.

A wood finish might be a better match?

I'm certainly not a professional framer so maybe I don't know what I'm talking about!

I do love the black frames with all of your abstract paintings though. It just depends on the subject matter....at least for me anyway.