METAL LINKS 2, 9074, mixed media abstract

This is a companion piece of Metal Links 1, 9071.


Elizabeth Seaver said...

Love these, Carol!

suzanneberry said...

Carol, thank you so much for the kind words regarding the Challenge, I really appreciate them.

so true. himself is always asking would we work if no one was going to see it? my answer is yes, but it wouldn't make me feel nearly as good.i mean that's why we all do what we do so we can share it with others. still, i don't like the NEEDING the attention.

please, do start an abstract challenge! what a great idea. i've always wanted to paint abstractly. i haven't tried in quite a while, but i'd love to. i'd never be good enough to be part of your challenge, but i could learn so much from it. you should really think about it.

thanks again and enjoy the weekend.
i love your work so very much.

Jane Hunt said...

Carol - I just love these! I bet they're even more beautiful in person!

journey7 said...

beautiful work - my favorite is cross roads.