ANCIENT DWELLINGS, 9078, geologic, acrylic, textured abstract

This painting evolved in a tortured fashion. Believe it or not, it started out blue and green. I had to work and rework large passages of this piece. As Picasso said, "I begin with one idea and then it becomes something else."
That's the fun/fascination/frustration of working in abstract style. It took a lot of hair-pulling before this image appeared. The very beginning of this piece was the area that looks like netting with fringes which I created using burlap to create a pattern in the acrylic flexible modeling paste.
I've been on a burlap kick lately because I like the less than perfect pattern of squares and rectangles it leaves in the modeling compound.
The colors are a no-brainer because these rich earth tones are my favorite. I love blues and greens also, but, when push comes to shove, the golds, oranges, and browns usually win out.

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Saundra Lane Galloway said...

Love it Carol!! You have such a talent for these things!! I love your color combo...didn't see it earlier...but this is stunning!! I love what you do with burlap!

Elizabeth Seaver said...

Rich and powerful, Carol! I'm glad you persevered!

Dean Grey said...


I love all the little veins and "cracks" in this one.

Very detailed looking!


Ishrath said...

I cannot describe how much I am enjoying your paintings since the time I have wandered by your website. Your paintings make me want to go at work at my easel again... even though I have completed some last evening. Your works are so inspiring. Would love to see more regularly.