Trilogy, 9063, abstract, mixed media triptych

I loved working on this little triptych. Each piece has reflective elements in it making for a photography nightmare. The cube frames make this such a fun piece. They can be mounted on the wall, stacked on a shelf, or displayed individually.
Each cube measures 5x5x4. They are sold as a set. Please see my website for purchase information.


My last outdoor show in Breckenridge, CO, was not as successful as I had hoped. Once again, I was plagued with the double pestilence of rain and a less than stellar turnout - probably one is a result of the other. I have lived in CO for over 30 years, and I can't recall such a wet spring and summer.
One bright spot was the camaraderie several of us exhibitors had together - good times.


Saundra Lane Galloway said...

I'm sorry Breckenridge wasn't the best Carol...however this triptych is wonderful! The cube frames make them delightful...sort of Mondrionish to me somehow, minus the primary colors of course...:)

Carolina said...

I love them displayed as a tower, one over the other, so different and original!

Dean Grey said...

I LOVE these, Carol!

The color combinations work SO well together. I love the silver, browns, and orange-golds. Almost like shiny neutrals when you think about it.

Just great!!


P.S.: The black cube frames are super cool and make these paintings that much more special!