I'm in Breckenridge, CO, at our condo at 11,000 feet. You flatlanders would be a little short of breath up here. I won't be posting any paintings until next weekend, but that does not mean I'm not painting! I just can't upload from my camera to my husband's laptop - have to wait 'til I get home.
Yesterday it rained all day long so I got THREE small paintings done. They were specifically created for my show up here in Breck over the fourth of July. They have an aspen leaf theme. The aspens, by the way, are so beautiful right now. Their leaves are new and bright green. They flutter and tremble on the slightest breeze.

Well, gotta go take my coffee out on the deck, and drink in the incredible view.

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Paintings by Irit Bourla said...

Enjoy your vacation and happy painting.