Summer Art Market

This is probably my last post until Monday, 6/15. This weekend I'm in another outdoor art show in Denver, sponsored by the Art Students League of Denver.

Weather in Colorado in June is often very unpredictable. A couple days ago a tornado did millions of dollars in damage about 5 miles from my house. Today the tornado sirens went off again. There wasn't a tornado, but about 10 miles from my house they got 2 inches of hail. All we got was rain.

I'm worried about getting blown away or flattened by hail this weekend. Keep your fingers crossed for me. Ah, the joys of the outdoor art festival circuit.

Full report on Monday (if I'm still here.)


Dana Cooper Fine Art said...

Hope the weather is better than your last show...I will keep my fingers crossed!

Carolina said...

:):)Come on, Carol, you'll be! :):) Don't make me nervous...
We'll be waiting for your news, best of luck!