Jigsaw 2, 9055

I seem to be stuck in this multi-canvas 12x12 format. It's called operant conditioning. Robert Genn wrote about it in his newsletter. He said that if you're successful with something, you will tend to repeat the thing that gave you success. Because the last two multiple canvas paintings (Jigsaw,9050, and Color Quad, 9051) sold so quickly, I'm destined to keep going in this format.

This one is a much more subdued palette than Color Quad, but it works on many levels. I left the canvas exposed between each of the segments, then covered the whole thing with a quinacridone gold wash which resulted in orange lines. It also turned some of the turquoise areas to green.

Someone said it reminds them of stained glass, which is ironic, because I used to have my own stained glass studio. I love doing stained glass, but it is SO EXPENSIVE and very time-consuming. Painting is much easier.

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Dana Cooper Fine Art said...

Carol, I always love when your work pops up in the top of my blog roll. Though you are working in the same format, each piece is unique and artful...well done!

Cheryl said...

Wow... the colors are so unified with the gold glaze. Very warm feeling to this one - I love it!

tracywall said...

Not only are these interesting in and of themselves, but together there's a whole new dimension. Terrific!

Laura said...

Very nice! I love your compositions....you are a very gifted artist! It's so nice to see someone who is successful with both abstract art and realism.

Jane Hunt said...

Love the colors you chose here - beautiful!

Kim Davies said...

Lovely work, Carol...I'm not much of a "geometrical" painter, so I appreciate a good piece when I see it :) Very nice. Always a pleasure to visit your blog.

Dean Grey said...


I like the color choices in these.

They look great by themselves or grouped together!