red-RED, abstract diptych

This is the THIRD reincarnation on these two 12x40 canvases. Abstracts can be SO DIFFICULT at times. There often are a lot of failures before success is achieved. I actually had to carve off some of the medium built up from previous efforts. I think I am finally happy with this effort.

About two years ago, I was in a scrapbooking store where I spotted these pewter alphabet charms. They have been waiting patiently in my studio for the right painting to happen. Since the theme of this painting is red, I used the r,e, and d letters on each side of the diptych. The charms have a lower case letter on one side and a capitol letter on the reverse. I've always liked little squares and these are smashing, don't you think? I embedded them in modeling compound to hold them in place.

I also used aluminum tape and stainless steel in this piece. I found the stainless steel in an art supply store. It is a thin guage that I could cut with a scissors. The aluminum tape is used for ductwork and I found that at Home Depot.

The whole effect of this painting is very sculptural with a clean, contemporary feel. There is a dramatic interplay of slick, shiny surfaces and heavily textured surfaces. I can see this painting in a corporate setting or home with ultra-modern accents.

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Trevor Lingard said...

Hello Carol
This is masterful work.
Clever juxtaplay between textures and colour.
It is intersting to see your various approaches to art.
If only I had a tiny bit of your talent!
Kindest Regard

Sheila said...

These are FANTASTIC!!! I foresee a great future for you with these and I'll be able to say, " I knew her when..."

Carol Nelson said...

Trevor and Sheila, Wow - I hadn't even completed the post when your comments showed up already. Thank you SO MUCH for the encouraging comments.

Beatriz Kim said...

I'm glad someone agrees that abstracts are harder! I think, however, that you have definitely mastered the abstract form. This piece is beautiful!

Cheryl said...

I really enjoy the textures in this set as well as the cool silver against the deep red. Thanks for the eye candy!

Dean Grey said...

Carol I love this one!

The reds are vibrant and work perfectly against the various silvers.

I also love that some of the metals are bright and shiny while some are dingy in appearance. Creates much more interest that way.

Just great!