Western Meadowlark, 9023

I remember hearing my first meadowlark. In the spring of our first year in Colorado, we had a house with a lot of fields around it. Mostly, the land was covered with native grasses and yucca plants. One morning I heard the sweetest melody. Looking around, I spotted this fellow perched on a yucca blossom and singing his heart out.
Meadowlarks build their nests on the ground and the male proclaims his territory with song. I never did find the nest, but he kept singing for weeks. Every year there would be another meadowlark with a slightly different combination of notes.
The meadowlark is the state bird of Nebraska - there certainly are a lot of fields in that state.
The eastern half of Colorado is high desert/prairie and great meadowlark habitat.
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debrossart said...

Your oriole with the oranges is so brilliant, I love the colors together. Carol, you know so much about birds! Your paintings of them are all lovely.

Sheila said...

so pretty and you are so skilled in painting the flowers perfectly to compliment rather than compete with the Meadowlark.

Delilah said...

Very nice,so is it spring?

Dean H. said...

That meadowlark certainly appears to be singing his heart out! Beautiful paint handling and colors.

Mel said...

I am in love with the colors in this painting. The use of complimentary colors is subtle enough that you have to look for it, but it really makes it sing!