Seven Poppies, 9025, vibrant poppy still life

Here I am returning to my favorite flowers. This painting is a diptych done on an 18x30 and a 24x30 canvas. That makes it 42 inches across, so it's impressive in it's size as well as it's vibrant
hues. I enjoy painting on multiple canvases because I think it adds a special dimension to the finished piece. The flowers wrap around the painted edges of each canvas, so framing is not recommended for a clean, contemporary look.
Please email me directly at for price and shipping this artwork.


Annie Salness said...

I love the different canvas sizes and the vibrant color! It must be beautiful in real life!

Dean Grey said...

The poppies almost appear to glow because of the vibrant colors being used.

Just lovely!


Anonymous said...

I love this painting. I paint a lot of flowers and the depth that you have is wonderful. I also love that the painting is not just an accurate representation of the flower; you have taken it beyond that.

D Fox said...

Absolutely gorgeous, as always, Carol! In addition- your "poppy painting tutorial" inspired and instructed me in painting 3 large pieces for my living room. I am a big fan! (: As long as you keep painting, I'll keep coming back... !