Lemonade Award

James Parker, Costa Rica's most famous artist, international bon vivant, and humorist extraordinaire, has given me the Lemonade Award, for which I am honored. The Lemonade Award is for bloggers with "a positive attitude and willingness to share ideas, support and friendship." I do like to share my methods and ideas - maybe I was a teacher in a previous life.

Here's the problem: I am to pick 5 blogs of fellow artists who also exhibit the above attributes in their daily ramblings. I have found it takes me a long time to research and link up recipients who I feel would be good examples. My problem is that I have 3 large shows on the horizon, each with $400 to $500 booth fees. I've GOT to spend my time at the easel. It wouldn't be wise to arrive at these shows without a lot of completed work.

So, I must humbly beg off sending on the award. It would be hard to limit it to five anyway. I will be down in my underground bunker/studio slaving away.

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Sheila said...

wow... three large shows... I know you're going to do well and congratulations on the award!