Espresso Blend, 9028 mixed media collage

My recent workshop on metals and mixed media is going to be repeated. I think we will expand it into a two day workshop because there was a time crunch getting everything done in one day. Also, there are some processes using acrylic modeling compound that I was not able to touch on in a one day workshop.
This piece uses Tyvek material, suede leather, corrugated art paper, metallic acrylic paint, blued steel cut tacks, and MDF board. The most important element in all these mixed media abstracts is to work a variety of surfaces into the composition- shiny, matt, rough, smooth, etc.
When I have the exact date of the workshop, I will post it under events on my website. The tentative date is mid-October, 2009.
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Sheila said...

Wow..... I so want to do something like this. This is beautiful! It's like a sculpture using painting techniques. LOVE it!

suzanneberry said...

Carol, not only is this a stunning piece, it's photographed so beautifully! I absolutely love your work. Enjoy the weekend, best, suz

Dean Grey said...

I love your use of the nails on this one.

It makes me want to see one just of nail heads! That would be super cool!

I'm a bit surprised that you used leather with metal. What an interesting combination. Even though both are different, they still are earthy materials in their own right and I can totally see how they would go together.

I am really curious as to how these materials stay on the canvas/board. Aren't they kind of heavy?

Maybe in one of your future postings you can explain a bit of the process in creating these metallic pieces.


Carol Nelson said...

Thanks for the kind words. I like the leather/metal combination because their visual characteristics are completely opposite. One being warm soft, pliable, and matt, the other being cold, hard, and shiny.