Bronson, 9x12 oil portrait of child

This little boy's expression was so compelling I just had to paint him. He name is Bronson (aka Pooper) and he is the son of my former coworkers, Jason and Angela. My challenge in this portrait was to render an accurate portrait and still keep the painting loose. Perhaps a finer gauge canvas or a smooth panel would have been a better support choice.
Of course at the time I was going to upload the picture, my photo editing software (Picture It) decided to crash. I had another program, GIMP, to work with, but I was totally unfamiliar with it and it took me forever. I have a lot to learn on GIMP - it's the free version of Photoshop. The program has the capability to do way more with a photo than I would ever use for photos of paintings. I'm mainly interested in cropping, color correction, lightness and contrast.
For tutorials on using GIMP, see


Sheila said...

OMG... Pooper!!! what a perfect name for what seems like the very subject that appears on the forefront of his mind. Great portrait Carol.

Linda said...

This is just too 'precious'. The expression is captured
perfectly. I hope his parent purchased this one!

olha pryymak said...

really well done! cuteness at its best

Janice said...

hi carol, love your paintings, from a keen amateur x