Art Festival 1, 9026 figurative study of art show patrons

I took this photo of some visitors of a neighboring booth at the Downtown Denver Art Festival. One has a lot of time at art shows to study the people walking by while they're studying your art. These three were having an animated discussion on the merits of the artist's work.

Of course, I hear incorrect statements all the time, like "Oh, I love her watercolors" - when looking at an oil. Or "I can always tell an oil painting from an acrylic painting." And, my favorite, "Abstracts are easy - anyone could do that." (I'm tempted to open a big can of wup-ass on those people - LOL).

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Dana Cooper Fine Art said...

Great job on this one, Carol! I love the expression, "open a can of wup-ass"'s so descriptive!!

nancy elstad said...

carol this is cool..nice belly roll!

Sheila said...

I love figurative work like this. you really become a historian of sorts by documenting seemingly mudane scenes like this.

Annie Salness said...

I like it! I hope you do more!