Fifteen Poppies, 00109

My first painting of the new year! More poppies. In case you're counting, some of them are on the edges of the painting, so you don't see all 15 of them from the front. I'm not even counting the seven buds.

I wonder how many poppies I've painted - it must be in the hundreds. They are my absolute favorite. This original oil painting is 24x18 on gallery wrap canvas. For purchase information, please see my website:


Anonymous said...

These poppies are exquisite. Wish I could paint as well as you.

Carol Nelson said...

Have you ever tried oils or acrylics? While I think watercolor is incredibly beautiful, I think it is one of the most difficult mediums. Oils and acrylics are more forgiving, in my opinion.

Charlie said...

I love the colors.