Divergent Opinions, 00409, pear still life

I'm amusing myself with the titles of my pear paintings. These three seem to have their backs to one another after a heated argument. Three more members of my giant Costco bag of pears.
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Parish said...

I viewed your web site and I must say that your use of color is exactly what I hope to attain. Your paintings are beautiful. There is something I liked when I viewed them that made me appreciate the blending and coalescence of the strong colors; everything came together well. I hope to be so professional, with that touch of magic you add.

www.paintingsbyparish.com - Landscapes to Abstracts - Original Oils

Anonymous said...

For me pears are easy to personify. They just represent people so well! What rich colors these have!

Sandy Sandy said...

Greetings from a fellow SmARTist Carol! Your work is stunning. I like your diverse subject matter, bold colors and brilliant use of values. You are way ahead of the game. I'm sure you'll get a lot out of the seminar this week! Best Wishes, Sandy

Carol Nelson said...

Thank you Tracy and Sandy. I'm taking that seminar because maybe it will help me with the business end of being an artist. I hate that stuff.
Just let me paint and let the ART FAIRY take care of the biz!