December Song, 00709, winter landscape

In most landscapes, the sky is the lightest part of the painting. That makes it pretty common to find a light area at the top of the painting. The beauty of painting winter scenes is that the lightest areas are also snow covered so the usual light/dark composition is flipped.

Snow is white, of course, but there is no white snow in this painting. Starting with titanium white, I added touches of cadmium yellow deep, paynes grey, or dioxazine purple to get the different variations of snow color.

I really like these 12x12 landscapes I've been doing (scroll down to see several in Nov and Dec). The trouble is I'm hoarding them. I should take them to one of my galleries, but I can't part with them just yet. They're my children, you know. I have to gaze at them a while longer. My children will eventually be sold.

For purchase information on this 12x12 original oil, please see my website here.


Saundra Lane Galloway said...

Carol, I really love the highlights in this painting! The orange really pops!

Kim Blair said...

I really like the colours and texture of your snow in this painting and the orange tones are lovely and rich. Nice work.
Kim Blair