Self Portrait Calendar

I've certainly never thought of myself as a cover girl, but here I am on the cover of the Evergreen Arts 2009 calendar. The cover shot is of my portrait on nine mini canvases (4x4 each). The cool thing about this portrait is that I can rearrange the canvases for a mixed up version of myself.

Each month of this calendar features a different artist's self portrait - and there are some unusual interpretations of the self portrait. If you would like to purchase a calendar for $15 plus postage, please visit

The Center for the Arts Evergreen (Colorado) features art-related events, classes, exhibitions and lectures.

My other exciting news is that an article I submitted about painting on multiple canvases is featured on Empty Easel today. Take a look:


Anonymous said...

Hey girl!
Congrats on the Empty Easel article!! What a creative use of multiple canvases. No wonder you're a Cover Girl!
Hope all is well with you and you're staying warm!

Carol Nelson said...

Hey Tracy, thanks. I figured the only way my mug would make in on a calendar would be to divide it up into 9 parts. Ha.

Just got out the snow blower for the first time this season. BRRRR

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