Home Depot for Art Supplies - Construction 1

I love creative challenges. I've been asked to do a workshop on abstract painting, specifically covering the use of metals. I have used metals in some of my works and I find a lot of my supplies in big box hardware stores.

It is fun to wander around these stores looking at building supplies and thinking outside the box. When asked if I need help, I usually say no thanks because I don't know what I'm looking for, but I'll know it when I see it.

I worked up 3 small demo pieces, each 5x7, using a variety of materials. They are all on MDF board painted black. This one features copper (sold as copper flashing), burlap, copper tacks, and quarter inch wood trim. SOLD


Nancy said...

Hi Carol,

I've always said Home Depot is a great store for artists!!!!
This is great!


Patricia Lintner said...

Hello Carol,

What gauge of copper flashing are you using from Home Depot? I really and new to working with metals and I love the way they look in art.

Thank you!