Golden Moment, 08208, fall foliage in Colorado

This painting is based on a photo I took west of Buena Vista, CO. Above us was this glorious golden canopy.
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Jan Heigh said...

Dear Carol;
I've been enjoying your paintings of fall colors very much. I also especially like the "Home Depot" pieces too. Taking photos from an angle as well as straight on is helpful in understanding what the painting might be like in person.

How do you finish up the dimensional pieces? Do you use any varnish?

I like the Tyvek bubbling too. I hope you're doing it in a well ventilated space because it is creating smoke or fumes from melting plastic.

Enjoying your work,

PAT MEYER -- said...

Beautiful Glow to your painting. Wish I could have been there to see such a golden sight.

Carol Nelson said...

Hi Jan,
I did put Soluvar varnish on the tyvek parts. Also on the metal and painted parts. The matte areas (suede paper, burlap, ornamental papers) were not varnished. It's nice to contrast matte and shiny.