Iowa Farm, view 4, 07608 private commission

This is the fourth autumn view of this Iowa farm. This farm is the family homestead and the paintings of scenes around the farm will be a Christmas present for Mom and Dad. The fields have corn as far as the eye can see. I love doing paintings of America's heartland. Those of us living in cities rarely give a thought as to the origins of our corn chips and ethanol. SOLD


Deb said...

look wonderful!!! My sisters and brother were more than thrilled with the results!!!! You know every Christmas, birthday, etc, we always hav these wonderful gifts for my mom, but my dad is one of those guys who whenever he needs something he goes and buys it and truly does not want us to kids to spend our money on him, which makes it extremely difficult to find him a gift when that time roles around each year....we rarely have a gift that will just make his day, and completely surprise him, but these pictures will be a gift that we all know will mean a lot to him and he will be very excited about .... Thats a rare moment in our family!!!! Thank you for helping us have a wonderful gift for our parents this year!!!

Deb said...


I just recieved the paintings in the mail the other day and they are absolutely wonderful! I cannot thank you enough for creating these for my parents. They are going to absolutely die when they see them! I will be sure to email you there wonderful response once they open them! Now I only wish Christmas was this month instead of next! :)

Thank you so much,