Grand Canyon 3, 06508, acrylic geologic abstract

Another painting in this Grand Canyon series. This one actually pairs with Grand Canyon 1 to make a diptych, although each one is strong enough to make a good painting on it's own.
What I truly love about these paintings are the colors - I used all my biggest favorites. The blue at the top is Golden's ANTHRAQUANONE BLUE with a hint of HOOKER'S GREEN and TITANIUM WHITE. As it gets to the edges I darkened it with a little CARBON BLACK. In the lower portion, the predominant color is RED OXIDE, along with YELLOW OCHRE and a touch of QUINACRIDONE BLUE VIOLET, PAYNE'S GREY and white.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful Carol!!

Derek McCrea said...

I particularly love this one, it is my favorite, reminds me of my trips int he southwest.