Stone Weave, 04608, acrylic abstract

Readers of this blog know that I'm a big fan of texture. This painting is one of a pair painted on 8x8x2.5 inch deep Signature canvas. My goal was to make this look like stone. The upper portion of the painting was textured by putting loosely woven burlap on the canvas, applying the flexible modeling paste with a palette knife, then carefully lifting the burlap off.

What appears as gold in the photo is actually metallic gold paint so there is a sheen to it. I love working with modeling paste to create interesting textures.


Mónica said...

The texture in this piece is wonderful, and yes, modeling paste is very good for us that enjoy working with texture !!!,thanks, Monica

joyce martin said...

Hi Carol first of all I love your work. Where did you purchase your 8x8x2.5 inch signature canvases or were they custom made...Thanks Floysie